Three Little Tasty Fuzzballs

Updated: Aug 19, 2019


We did a successful project of hatching chicks in an incubator.    When we showed the chicks to Flora, our Yorkshire terrier, she went wild.  As she was bred to be a ratter, the chicks excited her and she tried to get at them.  My poem is written from Flora’s point of view. This is what she would say about them if she could talk. 

Three little tasty fuzzballs,

In a little heated box,

Three little tempting morsels,

Saying, “peep, peep, peep, peep, pop.”

I peeked in at the fuzzballs.

My masters call them chicks.

Oh how I wanted to eat them,

Though I wished that the threesome were six.

I wanted to do some hunting,

And let my wolf instincts prevail.

I wanted to do some munching,

And gobble their tiny tails.

Yet my masters laughed and said, “No Flora,”

And quickly put me away.

But I’m a determined fella,

And I’ll hunt some other day.

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