This is the story of a fallen guardian angel and the girl who comes to love him.

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Living out in the country, the Pearsons appear to be the average family. However, behind closed doors, Evangeline is suffering. Since their mother’s death, she and her two brothers have had to pick up the pieces their neglectful father leaves behind. Then one morning, while walking to school, she comes upon a talking dog.


Kelev is no ordinary canine, but a Star Dog tasked with returning to the mortal world to protect mankind from Cerberus’ Hellhounds and restore peace to the Unseen Realm. Ever the vigilant soldier, he lies in wait amongst daily human life, and while it isn’t always easy, the siblings begin to feel real joy for the first time in a while.


Meanwhile, Cerberus has called upon his Sirens to find the Pearsons and poison them against each other.


Bonds will be broken, fates will be tempted, and each sibling will be tested.


If they are to survive, Star Dog and human alike must work together as the sleepy town of Copperton becomes the site of an ancient battle between good and evil